Is Shipping A Puppy Safe?

With a lot of experience in the procedure of shipping puppies, we have never for once had any problems with any clients. This is due to the fact that they always get their puppies home delivered safely. However, the only period in which we had a slight delay was when corona virus erupted. Nonetheless, with all basic procedures and basic paperwork which we provided, the puppies got to their owners safely. It is very easy to do the shipping with us. We use highly qualified electronic crates which we ship your puppies in. Most of our crates are air conditioned crates. It takes only a few hours to ship your puppies around the USA and a couple of days out of the USA. For certainty, it does not matter your location just be sure you will get your puppies in few days.

What About Shipping In The Cold?

Shipping during the winter period of the year is entirely safe with no problems at all. Just as someone getting a flight to another country or state for vacation or business, shipping a puppy is very similar and the will be no problems at all. All our puppies ride safely in the plane where the temperature is comfortably around 70 degrees. This is same with the passengers. What is different is that airlines happen to be strict on a low or minimum temperature at each location even though the plane is always at 70 degrees. This is to ensure protection of everything in the plane. During summer, they do not ship if the temperature is too hot along the way. Should this happen to be the case, we will just wait for the next best day to ship your puppy in days of any unforeseen bad climatic conditions.

What Is The Process Of Shipping A Puppy

After we have confirmed all the payments from you and our cashiers say it is good to go, we will head over to the nearest airport for your state or city and hence pay for the flight of your puppy. However, you will need to send us your full address including your house address or any place you’d want them to deliver the puppy to and also your contact number. Additionally, the day and also the time will depend on the available flight and also the temptation. However, we always book a flight for the same day although that will be less stressful and costs more. After reserving the flight, you will get an email or SMS likewise calls at times by the shipping company, they will provide you basic information which you will use to track the flight of your puppy or puppies and know the exact location at any time interval you choose. Once your puppy arrives your destination, the delivery agent working for the courier service will hence give you a call and ask for your location. He or she will then bring your puppy or puppies to you and issue a delivery form to sign. Once you sign the form he or she will hand over your puppy to you. All we need is just for you to send us a photo of you receiving your puppy or puppies safely so we can add you to the review list.