We happen to be one of the only people who own healthy French bulldog puppies and continue to supply to a lot of people all over the world. We specialize in providing healthy French bulldog puppies that have one of the best pet home training in the world. We work with breeders and top vets to ensure you get the best healthy Frenchie puppy which you deserve. We vaccinate all our puppies weekly just to make sure they get the best health assistance which they need. Our puppies are handled by specialists who teach them how to socialize with people and other pets. All our puppies are healthy and also very playful. These are the type of puppies that will provide you maximum love and kindness. All that we are concerned about is to ensure all our puppies go to healthy pet loving homes capable of providing the love and undiluted attention they need. We know that all puppies born and also raised in our home are one of the most spectacular in the world.

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We are highly focused on providing you the best puppies that you will love and cherish. That puppy that will be an addition to your family. That puppy that will give you company everywhere. That puppy you can relate to and will never ever let you feel lonely again. This is to make sure all our puppies satisfy you. In return, we want to make sure our puppies get to the best pet loving homes too. It is for this reason that we provide basic checks and ways to make sure any of our puppies get to the best pet loving home that will treat them with the love and care they deserve.


As per transportation, we work as a team just to make sure we deliver your puppies to your doorsteps. We will massively with top courier agencies to ensure this comes to a reality. Your puppy or puppies will be sent alongside health papers and certificate from our licensed veterinarian, airline approved kennel crate with water and food included. The puppy will also have a flight attendant catering for he or she throughout the flight making sure the puppy or puppies arrive your destination without any problems at all. This is an assurance we are giving to you.


All the Moms and Dads are always kept updated on all healthcare requirements, which includes all Dental cleanings after EVERY litter!
We have enough time to help that is 7 days a week, we pay them well and the dogs love them. Our staff is also available 24/7 receiving your phone callsand providing all the information that you need.
Our dogs likeiwse puppies are our life, basically. Nevertheless, we don’t take relaxations, attend family functions. about every 1-2 years we try to get away for a couple of days, but it’s very hard and also expensive, we keep a schedule around litters and puppy needs and also pay for a trusted sitter to stay full time here while we are gone.


We are fully licensed, as well as being a valid Limited Liability Company (LLC). We are in good standing with the two registration companies we use, American Kennel Club ( AKC) and Continental Kennel Club ( CKC) .
We ARE NOT USDA licensed, because USDA Licensing requires that we sell at least 2 puppies a year to pet stores. We DO NOT sell ANY of our Puppies to pet stores!


It is no doubt that we have one of the best breeders whom we work with on a daily bases. They do make sure they provide all the care and train your puppies to be very loving and caring. It is in the like that you get the beautiful puppies that come to you. In addition, we have a good vet team that provide the basic vaccination weekly for your puppies thereby making sure you get nothing out of the best puppies. Nevertheless, we want you all to be certain that buying a puppy from us is buying the best.